Serenity 2025 Conference, Symposia and Exhibitions announced

Trust Impact Report was released this quarter.

The interim Executive Council published a series of action items and updates:

The Trust Impact Report 2020-2030 vol 1 was finalised by the Executive Council and is now publicly released

Action Items

A revamp of the Trust Governance Center took place and was released for public usage, and the AI network RnD Programs were reorganised to administer Public Funds.

The bookkeeping and accounts of Open Treasury are now accessible to eligible users through the Open Treasury website, in compliance with the Open Access Charter.

The convention discusses implementing a peer-to-peer node mechanism in accounting within Open Treasury, emphasizing the need for practical demonstrations and user-friendly solutions.

Last year, several Council members had deliberated over the concerns regarding reviewing the fiscal localization of the initiative and bringing a lean yet scalable statutory infrastructure e.g. Digitization of material activities by the AI network, a digital commons infrastructure, maintaining Public Associative & Charitable standards, regulatory considerations

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