17th March 2024

Members discussed that they are currently transitioning the network's resources to create definitions and blueprints into a public project. This is in preparation for the network's programs and linked projects to receive and administer public funds.

Members noted that the Program information has been updated on the Muellners Foundation site. It is essential to review the program landing/access points.

This is particularly important for CWC and Council members.

As public funds will get involved in the Open Treasury grant administration process, it is crucial to simplify the segregation between the Muellners Foundation (the Trust deed) and the network's maintainer fiscal nodes in public-facing records. More information about this can be found on the Muellners Foundation page.

Internationalization of Embedded Governance Knowledge Base

The knowledge base needs to be internationalized to allow Council members to review it. Local members are encouraged to use the Foundation's translation portal to draft the Articles in their native languages to enhance the constitution documents.

These will be reviewed by Legal Council members wherever Fiscal hosting is active.

The translation portal is generally accessible to Foundation members on the Contributions Subnet here and is currently powered by Google Translate APIs.

Observing Entities

In summary, members deliberated that they are currently observing three entities:

  1. Self

  2. Foundation - This refers to the definition of the trust grant to the beneficiary through the Trustee Council.

  3. Social Capital Network - This is the intangible material of the Trust, i.e. Open Constitution AI network, a digital commons infrastructure.

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