Sept 2022

Provision for Contributions Delivery Subnet licenses to Student E-Residency

A CWC member has identified the initial distribution of E Residency keys student resources with two target groups:

  1. Bennett University students, with an allocation of 3,000 to 3,500 licenses.

  2. Students attending BU Hack, a part of Zenevia, the tech fest of Bennett University, with an allocation of 700 to 900 licenses.

For the Bennett University students, once a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is prepared, we can approach the appropriate university Point of Contact (PoC).

The organizing team can be contacted for the BU Hack participants.

An open-source track is also proposed to be sponsored for the hackathon, specifically involving contributions towards the Open Constitution AI network's tenancy projects.

Open Source Community Chapter

There is a suggestion to set up an open-source community chapter in the name of the foundation in universities where we distribute the licenses.

License Distribution for Hackathon Participants

The protocol for license distribution to the hackathon participants is yet to be determined, as the students will be coming from different universities.

Open-Bank Portal

Students are suggested to study the embedded finance and informed consent workflow on the Open-Bank Portal. This portal allows student residents to be systematically onboarded to access, register, and benefit from the Open Constitution network. The authorizations/event transactions made on this portal will be connected with a distributed database, blockchain-based registry.

Meeting Minutes Correction

The record was moderated:

This thread is intended for the distribution of the AI network’s E Residency keys, not Atlassian. In the convention, the proposer member posts a wrong reference to network resources.

When an academic institution signs up for an Org Tenancy, the affiliated student beneficiary receives E-residency keys. This extends the beneficiary activation of the E residency lease, in simpler words, access to the network's AI 'right to use' assets.

The student E Residency lease contains student beneficiary's access to the Contributions Delivery Subnet of the network where tools like Atlassian Cloud, Gitbook, Discourse, and several tools related to Member workspaces are deployed.

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