Feb 13, 2024

The bookkeeping and accounts of Open Treasury are now accessible to eligible users at Open Treasury, in line with the Open Access Charter. Eligible members include those appointed on any Fiscal Host's Steward Groups, the Fiscal Host's Board, independent auditors appointed by any Fiscal Host, and public agencies for warrant/order/case review related to the network.

Autonomous Representation of Open Treasury Protocols

To ensure compliance with Open Treasury protocols, each Fiscal Host must adhere to global statutes governing commerce activities with OC AI. The system is deployed with jurisdiction-specific fiscal localization as detailed by the Muellners Foundation.

Furthermore, the Treasury digitises controlled transactions and foreign currency exchange compliances between two or more Fiscal Hosts for different contract protocols between the network's fiscal hosts and legal entities of the Muellners Foundation.

Integration with other OC subnets can be achieved using the Open Access Charter. This allows autonomous registration of E-residency and E-tenancy lease transactions and value transfers (into/out of a hybrid loop commerce system) maintained in books by this international public association without human intervention. The presentation layer of the Registrar is currently available at Open Bank.

Integration with Other Subnets

Notice: Open Treasury's bookkeeping and accounts are now generally accessible at Open Treasury. This is in accordance with the Open Access Charter for users who are members. The members include:

  • Those appointed on any Fiscal Host's Steward Groups

  • Any Fiscal Host's Board or for any Independent Auditors appointed by any Fiscal Host

  • Public Agency Access for any Warrant/order/case review in relation to the network.

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