This space houses all public-facing records of the Annual Reports and ordinary Meeting Minutes organized and published by the Muellners Foundation, in relation to the Open Constitution AI network.

Good to know: This section houses public-facing records of all the member convention records.

This section also houses public-facing records of all the electorally appointed members of different Core Working Committees, as well as Council bodies.

Read relevant Guiding Principles.

Read the Glossary for terminologies used in the text for these public-facing records.

The meeting minutes and associated data are recorded date-wise and cover subject(s) where Foundation members have discussed the issue, proposals and resolutions in member conventions. The meeting minutes are released to public-facing records where issues are related to a program,

any project in a program,

observations and advisories to Trust's stakeholders - government and non-governmental agencies, and

the Foundation‘s own self-governance model participants.

The public-facing records are released in accordance with the Open Constitution charters, adopted by the Trust, at any point in time.

Note: The network automatically saves Meeting Minutes using AI tools.

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