The members discussed the performance of OpenAI's ChatGPT and compared the responses of the AI model to different prompts. They observed changes in the responses and discussed the idea of writing a blog post about the erratic patterns in ChatGPT responses.

The Foundation is organizing a 10-day-long Textile Art Exhibition to commemorate Anemone Schneck Steidl and garner support for the 'Upscale Arts' initiative. Upscale Arts is a technology platform on the Open Constitution network benefiting textile and embroidery artists in low and middle-income economies.

The Foundation also discussed the need to track statutory registrations and address challenges related to the extra territorial nature of the Open Constitution AI network.

They also discussed the deprecation of Open Research and the release of a new production instance called Council Post. The Foundation plans to set up an Editorial Committee in the Media Council and initiate a Call for Articles for editor submission.

Lastly, the Muellners Foundation considered the impact of the EU AI Act on their self-governance model and identified potential risks related to institutional frameworks and 'ground zero' situations.

Action Items

The Foundation will assign a dedicated person to monitor and update the status of the statutory registrations.

The group will develop a tracking system to ensure all registrations are updated in a timely manner.

The Foundation will regularly review the status of the registrations and address any issues promptly.

The Foundation needs to set up an Editorial Committee in the Media Council.

A Call for Articles for editor submission should be set up.

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