March 2024


Serenity Conference, Symposia and Exhibitions

We are happy to present the concept note for our upcoming international conference in 2025 in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, surrounded by mesmerising Danish architecture.

Trust Accessibility Impact and Reach Report

The interim Executive Council published a series of action items and updates:

The Trust Impact Report 2020-2030 vol 1 was finalised by the Executive Council and is now publicly released.

Important Notice

The Interim Executive Council published a Member only Notice; to segregate natural persons(Founders of Muellners Foundation) and Open Constitution AI network, a digital commons infrastructure.

Revamp of Trust Governance Center

Members discussed that the Foundation's Help Center has been revamped and now serves for Trust Governance Filing. This is a crucial resource for members who are:

  • Posting nominations

  • Filing all types of community proposals

  • Onboarding projects

  • Seeking any certificates from the Foundation

  • Struggling with a device security issue

  • Needing help with technical steps

  • Looking to get a payout or pay back into the Open Treasury

  • Needing privileged access

Program Reorganisation to administer Public Funds

Members discussed that they are currently transitioning the network's resources to create definitions and blueprints into a public project. This is in preparation for the network's programs and linked projects to receive and administer public funds.

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