20th March 2024

Members discussed that the Foundation's Help Center has been revamped and now serves for Trust Governance Filing. This is a crucial resource for members who are:

  • Posting nominations

  • Filing all types of community proposals

  • Onboarding projects

  • Seeking any certificates from the Foundation

  • Struggling with a device security issue

  • Needing help with technical steps

  • Looking to get a payout or pay back into the Open Treasury

  • Needing privileged access

All these actions must be done using the following link: https://govern.open-bank.net

Proposals and Issues

Proposals get converted into tickets and issues, delegated to responsible humans or to another machine service depending on the use case.

Request types and workflows are designed with controls and checks laid down by Open Constitution Articles. The proposal or request ticket workflows are configurable and componentized. In essence, tickets function like Jira issues or tasks.

Issue metadata can be transmitted through a time-stamped feed alongside community token accounting via an integration approach.

Trustee Council Configurations

Project tenancy-related proposals are marked as TRL upgrades. TRLs are defined for any project deployments on the network. The resolutions are filed, and change requests are made. You can refer to this link for more information.

Council and CWC Nomination Filings

Council and CWC nomination filings are also part of the same Trustee Council configurations. For more information, refer to the Trust Configuration documentation.

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