Members discussed the importance of improving the Embedded Knowledge Base that powers the AI network through the human augmentation process.

The team proposed enhancements such as increasing the number of items in the knowledge base, adding multi-language support, and removing dead ends. These improvements would make the AI network more effective.

On Nov 3, 2023, the Sentient Bot was launched on the Open Constitution network. This AI-powered virtual assistant can answer questions about the network's digital public services and is available to all members and E tenants.

The bot learns from the network's knowledge bases and relies on cloud computing vendors like AWS and GCP for its training model. It acts as a bridge between human members and various assets/services/infrastructure within the Open Constitution AI network.

Action Items


This would involve increasing the number of items or elements in the knowledge base.

Multi-language support: This would enhance the feedback loop by allowing the AI to understand and respond in multiple languages.

Removing Dead Ends in the feedback loop: This refers to eliminating any areas in the knowledge base that do not lead to productive results, particularly in specific subject matter contexts.

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