The members are encouraged to create trust accounts at Open Bank service to access the Foundation's assets. This includes individual accounts and project accounts.

The Open Bank accounts will serve to manage open treasury protocols and ledger transparency. This digital public service can represent a workflow, a design, a material, or a scheme of things, especially describing the Intellectual Property (I.P) estate in novel approaches.

The members engaged in a profound discussion on the concept of global community and sovereignty. They discussed the importance of simplifying the governance literature, intellectual property rights, and digital contracts laid down by the Foundation for the self-governance of the AI network.

The members also discussed the recent endorsement of the Muellners Foundation as an official Activate Provider, enabling startups to access Cloud Computing credits, Business Support, and exclusive SaaS offers.

The Open Council has activated a Device Security Policy through Google Apps-based Identity Governance for all members. The Foundation is currently working on revamping the Help Center to simplify inter-community support, focusing on relying more on Forum articles.

Action Items

Visit Open Bank

Create an individual account at Open Bank

Create a project account at Open Bank

Continue deploying automation policies on the network's systems

Register applications for Startup Tenancy

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