28th March 2024

Trust Accessibility Impact and Reach

The interim Executive Council published a series of action items and updates:

The Trust Impact Report 2020-2030 vol 1 was finalised by the Executive Council and is now publicly released. https://openconstitution.us/openconstitution-ai-network-impact-report-volume1

Important Notice

The Interim Executive Council published a Member only Notice; to segregate natural persons(Founders of Muellners Foundation) and Open Constitution AI network, a digital commons infrastructure.

Members are kindly requested to use the Trust Governance Center for any queries and issues related to the digital commons infrastructure.

This centralized presentation layer for the self-governance platform acts as a one-stop gateway. It caters to all issues related to the Trust in one place.

The notice advised members that the direct legal relationship of beneficiary members is with the Trust and the public through the Trust instead of with the Trustee Council or Founders who have written the Trust deed.

Therefore, members should not reach out to Founders or Open Council members for unsolicited queries explicitly related to the network.

Founders and Trustee Council members also use the governance platform for their own requests, such as needing a declaration document from the public association.

Any natural person is free to reach out to persons appointed on the Trustee Council or any Founders for issues unrelated to the network or Foundation; however, this communication is more personal, and any response from Council members is voluntary in nature. These measures and applicable checks and controls have been put in place to avoid creating conflicts of interest that are non-traceable for program treasuries within the network. The Network treasury is publicly auditable.

Non-members in fiscal regions may become E Residents and then raise tickets at the Governance Center.

The following causes are stated:

  1. The network has effectively segregated itself from its creator Muellners Foundation-affiliated lease-lessor entities.

  2. An institutional public grants program has been set up to fund different project Technology Readiness Levels (TRL above 1/2/3) of proposals in programs within the network.

It's important to clarify that this measure does NOT apply to communication between Open Council members or other types of intra-community communications.

In their duty-bound responsibility, electoral appointees will reach out to other council members and founders if they are elected into a constitutional body of the network.

Any member may reach out to another member (including Founders and Open Council Members) in a research program, where Founders do not have any special privileges.

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