January 2024

In Q4 2023, Members had deliberated over the concerns regarding reviewing the fiscal localization of the initiative and bringing a lean yet scalable statutory infrastructure. This ensures that any vendor relationships and market activities undertaken by the AGI network comply with local jurisdiction. The following action items and the latest record of the meeting minutes are a consequence of the deliberation.

Digitization of Activities

The digitization of these fiscal localizations is a necessity. A community version of Odoo, an open-source ERP software, is currently in the staging phase. You can access it here.

These controlled taxable entities are a representation of the movement's market activities.

Maintaining Public Associative & Charitable Elements

While constructing any representation of the material reality of the Foundation, it is crucial to keep the public associative and charitable elements intact. This approach helps avoid conflicts between the material reality of the initiative and the accounting and auditability of these activities undertaken through controlled entities.

The initiative should be viewed through the lens of a combination of limited liability and public association. Focusing on only one aspect, whether former or latter, may lead to conflicts with the initiative's form, shape, and construct.

Regulatory Considerations

Localized legislation designed for a specific legal format may create an unnecessary regulatory burden on the movement. Misinterpretation of the material reality of the initiative can be a consequence of lethargy induced by incomplete territorial legislation.

Alternative Solutions

For simpler control and less configuration time, members also considered using ground-up solutions like Directus, an open-source headless CMS.

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